Fathers Day - A Latta Love

Fathers day 2020 is certainly not like other years past. Mitch is a proud dad of three plus three. I'm beyond blessed that he has taken on my three kiddos with grace and positivity (which is a LOT to ask with three teenagers!) Covid has allowed us to have all 6 kids under the same roof and we've had our struggles - but to be together has allowed us to bond and have some really great memories! Here's a pic of Mitch and Maddie - Mitch is judging the girls Chopped Junior home edition - Maddie and Delanie loved it! (they both won - how could you pick just one?)

We are a blended and LARGE family. Full of fun, yelling, playing and loving. I'm so proud of my guy as a dad and now as a business owner. Happy Fathers Day Mitch! We love you!

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