When life gives you lemons....

Ok y'all, listen up. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I'm sure you'll not be too surprised and maybe you'll understand.

I'm great at holding it all together. Until I can't - just absolutely can't do it anymore. Then I crumble like a two day old cookie. I turn into a huge emotional, stressed out, maniac momma. This benefits no one and usually leads to chaos within our little tribe.

Why would I tell you this? Because this is real life!

Being a mom is hard, like REALLY hard! Let's up the ante Steph, and give you six kids. Wait, there's more! Have one that has autism, two that are twins and three step kids that are trying hard to get into the mix. Being a mom is hard, but it's the best "job" I've ever had and I try my best to be the mom that these kids need. That being said, I am human. I have days where I want to crawl under a rock, or not get out of bed, or just want to put on headphones and tune out to 80's music all day. (What did you say? Oh sorry, I can't hear you!) When I feel like this nobody wins, except maybe Sting and U2 that get some serious play time. .

But, ya know what the bonus is? After my moping, my self-pity and my all around breakdown....after I am able to process all of the crazy, I get a new perspective. I am TRULY thankful for all that I have. Because I have a job, I have an amazing family and because I get to struggle at this crazy life. I am blessed BECAUSE of the crazy! The day to day stuff that makes life tough also makes life worthwhile. I am blessed to be a mom, have a house to clean, have kids that push every button I have and have a new business to try to get off the ground. What a HUGE blessing that is!

Perspective is everything folks. I'm the first to admit that I get stressed. I have bad know, like when life gives you lemons? I know that my attitude can change if I only remember to think about the true blessings in my life. If I take the time to change my lemons into something yummy (lemonade is so cliché!) I can enjoy those blessings like I'm supposed to! Enjoy your lemons people! They're the starting point of a new perspective.

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